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DRIHM presents an interesting video explaining the objectives and best practices of the project

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We are pleased invite you to participate in the testing of the new citizen scientist DRIHM Cb-TRAM tool.

The DRIHM Cb-TRAM special user interface was realized in the framework of the Distributed Research Infrastructure for Hydro-Meteorology (DRIHM) (http://www.drihm.eu/) European FP7 project and is a web-based tool dedicated to citizen scientists. Cb-TRAM stands for Cumulonimbus TRacking And Monitoring and is a computer model which detects and tracks thunderstorms. The DRIHM Cb-TRAM special interface provides a set of meteorological cases over Europe and the Mediterranean and has been designed to allow citizen scientists to experiment with them. The URL of the citizen-scientist web application is


through a quick registration procedure:


This web service enables you:

- to choose your domain of interest for selected heavy rain and flooding events;

- to select a time range;

- to run Cb-TRAM modules for generating output data and graphics for the selected area for your own use and research;

- to download images and data in XML and KML formats.

More detailed technical description and tutorial are available from the DRIHM support centre:


You are kindly welcome to leave your comments and opinions at the DRIHM forum at:


You can also use the forum for questions and discussion of the results with other citizen scientists and the scientific community.

Thank you for participation, 

Quillon Harpham

On behalf of Antonio Parodi, DRIHM Project Coordinator


(Update Feb. 2014: discuss Cb-TRAM on the DRIHM forum!)