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DRIHM presents an interesting video explaining the objectives and best practices of the project

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M.C. Llasat, as Spanish partner project, presented the DRIHM results in the MedFRIEND meeting held in Cosenza organised by the University of Calabria on 26-27 June, 2014, in the framework of the MED-FRIEND (UNESCO) International Conference focused on "MONITORING, MODELLING AND EARLY WARNING OF EXTREME EVENTS TRIGGERED BY HEAVY RAINFALLS". The presentation is available at this link.

The conference was fully open to the contributions coming from the MED-FRIEND researchers involved on the "Extreme events" topic. Among the contributions, there were NATIONAL OR REGIONAL CASE STUDIES focused on modelling of rainfalls and floods at different scales and early warning of extreme events (heavy rainfalls, floods, landslides).  The meeting also aimed to diffuse the results (rainfall monitoring and detection of slope movements, modelling of slope failure, alert systems and landslides early warning) of an integrated national project on "LANDSLIDES EARLY WARNINGS" developed for the highway system, which highly suffers for landslides, especially in Southern Italy.

For more information on the event: http://www.camilab.unical.it/MED_Friend/OVERVIEW.html

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