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DRIHM presents an interesting video explaining the objectives and best practices of the project

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In the framework of the EGI Community Forum (LRZ, Munich, 26-30 march 2012), a DRIHM project delegation, composed by Dr. Antonio Parodi, Dr. Nicola Rebora, and Dr. Michael Schiffers, met two delegates from the CLIMB (Climate Induced Changes on the Hydrology of Mediterranean Basins) project, namely Prof. Ralf Ludwig (Project Director) and Dr. Thomas Ammerl.

Quoting the CLIMB website (www.climb-fp7.eu) "innovative scientific and technological measures will play an important role in addressing projected climatic changes and their impacts on the freshwater resources of the Mediterranean region. Developing and disseminating the best research and technology is an imperative given the potentially grave socio-economic repercussions of these impacts (water scarcity and degradation, displacement of populations, political conflicts, etc). The CLIMB project will advance the state-of-the-art in several areas connected to hydrology and water resources management " in consideration
of climate change effects.

DRIHM and CLIMB will mutually cooperate with the goal of sharing success stories, best practices and modeling activities in the field of the study of extreme hydro-meteorological events in the current and future climate scenarios.

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