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DRIHM presents an interesting video explaining the objectives and best practices of the project

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Two more papers have been published in context of the DRIHM project:


T. Bedrina, A. Parodi, A. Quarati, and A. Clematis ICT approaches to integrating institutional and non-institutional data services for better understanding of hydro-meteorological phenomena Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, Vol. 12, pp. 1961-1968, 2012

The paper presents the design of a mashup application aimed at aggregating, refining and visualizing near real-time hydro-meteorological datasets. In particular, we focused on the integration of instant precipitation depths, registered either by widespread semi-professional weather stations and official ones. The potential of this approach is discussed on the basis of the DRIHM critical case, corresponding to the Genoa flash-flood on november 2011.


Parodi A., Boni G., Ferraris L., Siccardi F., Pagliara P., Trovatore E., Kranzlmueller D. The “Perfect Storm”: From Across the Atlantic to the Hills of Genoa EOS, TRANSACTIONS, AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION, Vol. 93, No. 24, pp. 225, June 2012

The paper provides a short overview about the flash-flood event that  affected the city of Genoa on November 4, 2011. The fine-grained structure of the event is presented and future research needs – based on a new partnership between hydrometeorology and ICT (Information Communication Technology) scientists, in the framework of  the DRIHM project activities are discussed in detail.

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