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DRIHM presents an interesting video explaining the objectives and best practices of the project

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TOPIC: Your interest in DRIHM summer school 2014

Your interest in DRIHM summer school 2014 8 years 4 months ago #331

Hello everybody,

My name is Tzu-Shun Lin. I’m a graduate student in Department of Atmospheric Sciences, National Central University in Taiwan. Now, I major in atmospheric science and the specific research topic is hydrometeorology, land-air interaction, land surface hydrological processes and boundary atmosphere. My research focuses on studying the land surface hydrological processes on the land-air coupling from the perspective of short-term weather and long-term climate. I have implemented WRF-Hydro model to present the effects of land surface hydrological processes on soil moisture and its feedback on the meteorological characteristics through the better representation of sub-grid scale soil moisture and runoff processes and for water resources and water management.

I believe this opportunity of summer school will not only learn and use DRIHM model chains but also enhance and broaden my horizon. I want to understand and use WRF, RIBS, MASCARET and WRF-Hydro models to improve the hydrometeorological forecasts and couple them mutually. In the DRIHM summer school, I expect that I can learn, share and discuss my experiences and scientific results in building WRF-Hydro modeling system with participants. I also expect to learn how to perform and connect meteorological, hydrological and hydraulic models into efficient modelling structures and how to perform them on European e-infrastructures. Though hands-on experience with the research infrastructure developed in the DRIHM project, I plan to introduce the advanced ways, tools and experiences into the asian areas and my country and execute using high performance computing platforms.

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Your interest in DRIHM summer school 2014 8 years 4 months ago #332

Hello Everyone

My name is A.K.M. Saiful Islam. I am working in the Institute of Water and Flood Management of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology as Professor (BUET). I have graduated from BUET in Civil Engineering and Masters in Water resources Engineering. My PhD is from Dexel University, USA on Civil and Water Engineering in 2004. I have been working on various projects related to water and climate modeling over the last 10 years. Recently we are going work with Bangladesh water development board for improving flash flood forecasting in the Haor regions (north east parts) of the country. In this study we will apply WRF and HEC-Geo HMS and HER-RAS modeling for rainfall forecasting, MEghna basin model ing and river modeling. We are also considering to incorporate the WRF-Hydro module for the basin flood flow estimation and hydraulic routine.

My expectation of this summer school to learn the latest hydrological and weather modeling tools and techniques. I am also eager to know the current practices of various organizations of the world on these issues. It can also help to build networks among the participants of the neighbouring countries who are working weather and flood forecasting.
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Your interest in DRIHM summer school 2014 8 years 4 months ago #337

Hi guys!

We got more than 150 applications!
Thank you very much for being so excited to be part of the DRIHM Summer School.

Soon you will receive the response on your application!

Thanks again.
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Your interest in DRIHM summer school 2014 8 years 4 months ago #338

To whom it may concern

Hi. I am Jungho Kim who is working in Dr. V. Chandrasekar’s team at Colorado State University as a postdoctoral researcher. And I am writing to express my intention in the summer school offered by DRIHM. My research is related with Hydrometeorology, Weather Radar, and Hydrological Analysis, and I absolutely believe that this is a perfect chance for me to add profound experiences for hydro-meteorological modeling.

I have been interested in hydrometeorology since entering graduate school. In particular, estimating rainfall and hydrology analysis based on the hydrometeorology is the area I would like to enhance further. While studying in
Graduate School of Korea University, I participated in conducting diversified researches ranging from the estimation and correction of mean field bias of radar rain rate to rainfall-runoff analysis. Whilst in my master’s course, I
conducted studies on the effects of uncertainty in the areal average rainfall and rainfall-runoff model parameters on the stream flow simulation through the use of a distributed model. During my doctorate course, I conducted studies on
radar rain rate data through the use of data assimilation techniques. Through these studies, I came up to suggest a new method of quantitative precipitation estimation by introducing the concept of relay transfer from one radar site to
another based on storm movements with consideration on radar rain rate estimates which is in accordance to the environment within the Korean Peninsula.

As a startup member of the hydrometeorology and hydrology laboratory, I became a skilled researcher with a variety of experience in the quantitative estimation and calibration of radar rain rate for hydrology applications. To add, I specialize in data assimilation techniques like various Kalman filter for quantitative estimation and calibration of radar-rain rate and in the analysis of rainfall-runoff simulation through the use of distributed models.
Thank you.

Jungho Kim
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Your interest in DRIHM summer school 2014 8 years 4 months ago #340

Dear organizers,

My name is Anna Pavlova and I am now a Master level student in Odessa State Environmental University, Ukraine. My research is related to the influence of marine and land aerosols on atmospheric variables. The atmospheric high-resolution Harmonie model and its one-dimensional version Harmonie-MUSC are explored for simulating atmospheric state as well as atmosphere-land and atmosphere-ocean interactions.
I hope that the DRIHM Summer School will allow me to improve my knowledge in the field of land hydrology and meteorology, but also in modeling of extreme events. The latter became playing an important role in our life in recent years and their proper forecasting should prevent huge damages and save human lives.

Best regards,
Anna Pavlova
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Your interest in DRIHM summer school 2014 8 years 4 months ago #342

Hello all,

I am a spanish civil engineer who is currently finishing a master programme in Flood Risk Management. This studies are part of the Erasmus Mundus programme, so I had the priviledge to learn about water related topics at TU Dresden, UNESCO-IHE in Delft, UPC in Barcelona and the University of Ljubljana. Nowadays, I am finishing my thesis about "Assimilation of water levels in an operative Flood Forecasting system". Previous to the master, I could also work with the Guadiana River Basin Authority in Spain.

As I result of my background, I am interested to learn more about Early Warning Systems and specially the models involved in the predictions.

Kind regards,

Quintilia López López
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