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DRIHM presents an interesting video explaining the objectives and best practices of the project

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DRIHM is the strategic development of the FP7-DRIHMS project (www.drihms.eu) and for this reason the DRIHM logo is the development of the DRIHMS logo.The DRIHM logo retains the style of its predecessor DRIHMS and the same colors, but its structure from simple becomes more complex.

DRIHMS was represented by a 2 ring elements concatenated together to represent the need of two scientific communities (the ICT and the HMR ones) to communicate and share knowledge with the aim of designing a powerful new e-Infrastructure.

The acronym DRIHM has been created also to recall the concept and the word "dream". To start connecting these scientific communities is a challenge and a real dream.

logodrihm DRIHM is a complex e-Infrastructure with a potential for development that go beyond interconnect two scientific communities: It is proposed to create a model for fostering research in HMR and it is open to other scientific communities, where the flow of information circles without barriers or interruptions.

To express this, graphically, the logo is based on a trefoil knot also called the threefoil knot or overhand knot, as the unique prime knot with three crossings. The DRIHM logo incorporates a mathematical figure, the Mobius strip, and is based on the nodes of the brilliant Dutch engraver and artist Maurits Cornelis Escher, creator of geometry-illusionistic compositions: M. C. Escher's woodcut "Knots" (Bool et al. 1982, pp. 128 and 325; Forty 2003, Plate 71) depicts three trefoil knots composed of differing types of stran.

As a figure with logical-mathematical implications, the DRIHM logo is meant to represent an architecture absolute and extreme: an e-Infrastructure that is designed to share and change the ways and the worlds of scientific research.




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